C – Litter

C - Litter

Big thank you to Ann-Kristin Hjerpset (Aqua Lion Kennel)

for the lending of ther beautiful boy Numptee.


The C - Litter was

Born : 14.03.2017

 puppys (3)

1 puff girl, 1 puff boy & 1 naked boy

vekt: 154g, 152g, 142g

no one with spores on backlegs

no one with belly botten hernia

The male`s stones had dropped at the age of ? weeks

DeDe - Bell La Vie von Shinbashi

DeDe - Bell La Vie von Shinbashi

Numptee - Be My Dog's Numptee Dumptee



Girls Girls Chipendales Casanova


Girls Girls Cosmopolitan Cover Girl


Girls Girls Coat`s Are For Wimps


The 2 Boys are avilabel for sale

the puff girls maybe availabel...


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Eva C Kristiansen / Kennel Girls Girls

"One of the finest & honest breeder I have ever purchased a dog from"

~ Mathilde Bruer