About me

Fun pic of MeIm Eva Carina Kristiansen

 The owner of Kennel Girls Girls as this is first and formost my passion...

My love for this breed started not so long a go... I met this sweet CC on the airport at Standsted in London in 2008, at the time I was living and working in Wales and I was totaly smittend by this sweet naked dog.

The following year I was viseting a friend in Norway in 2009, she had this beautiful naked boy that she had saved from a horribal home. I fell in love all over again, then I knew that I had to learn more about this lovely breed.

So I started to read what I could find on the internett and books on the breed, the more I learnd, the more I wanted a CC for my self as well.

So after a lot of looking, we found, in the spring of 2011, my beatiful Powder puff came home to us and from there

on became two and three and so on.... Hilde is my Partner and helps me in so many ways....

I will always be eternaly thankful for the support she gives me and for her support and her consideration.

I love her to bits.♥

Thank you Hilde.