About us

Welcome to my homepage

Girls Girls are a small young kennel that breeds chinese crested / chinese crested powder puff.

 we are based in Røyken (Norway) just in between of Drammen and Asker.

 We breed in a small scale and to our self first and formost, we can`t keep them all...unfortantly,

 some of the pupps will be available for sale or co-ownership, see our Puppy box for more info...

 We also try to go to shows as much as we can! as i love showing my dogs.

 Beside of the breeding and showing my dogs, they live as  familymembers and accompany us almost everywher we go...


 Our main goals in our breeding:
  • Good temper = happy dogs
  • Health and healthy dogs
  • health test all our breed dogs
  • Good family dogs with the possibilety of Show potensial
  • to improve the breed throu our breeding
  • Focus on movments and anatomy



To be healthy, is to truly be beautiful - quote from nkk breeders school.